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Bleach | Ichigo Kurosaki | Anime Phone Case

£14.99 £3.11
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Unleash the Ultimate Getsuga with our Bankai Ichigo Phone Case! ⚔️ Experience the peak of Ichigo's Shinigami powers.

  • 🛡️ Bankai-Level Protection: Hard silicone TPU as resilient as Ichigo's Bankai form.
  • 🌌 Final Getsuga Tenshō: Features Ichigo in his formidable Bankai stance.
  • 📱 Shinigami Accessibility: Perfect port access for swift, effortless connectivity.
  • 🖤 Zangetsu's Essence: Sleek, powerful design reflecting the intensity of Ichigo's final form.
  • 📖 Choose Your Path: Wide selection of Bleach character designs for every fan.

Channel the strength and determination of Bankai Ichigo! Shop Now!🍁